Help “Territory of Terror” museum team and their friends from Ukraine

Dear friends, colleagues and partners of Memorial museum of totalitarian regimes “Territory of Terror” in Lviv, Ukraine,


I appeal to you myself and also on behalf of the museum’s team with a request to support our institution in time of the Russian-Ukrainian war. 


Our team stays in Ukraine to preserve the museum, the collection of its funds and to volunteer. 


First days of the war we joined the massive movement of help to the Ukrainian army and internally displaced persons, hosted our relatives from Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities in Lviv, donated equipment and furniture for the arrangement of shelters in the city. We are waiting for the arrival of humanitarian help and we will function as a museum-storage. We are constantly in touch with museum coworkers of Donetsk region and other Ukrainian regions.   


We cover the current needs of the museum by ourselves or with the help of our partners. But the situation is changing every minute and we respond to it as soon as possible. 


Another front of assistance are our colleagues – museum coworkers from Donbas and other Ukrainian regions. They are currently on the verge of humanitarian crisis. They send requests for financial support  to provide the basic needs – water, food and medicine. 


I have opened private accounts in Euros and American dollars to get some assistance, as nowadays it’s the only functional and operative way to resolve all current problems.  


I am asking to note and understand this situation as some costs can only be covered by cash, only from private funds. Goods are rapidly disappearing and are deficient. 


I can’t know what will happen next, how long the war will last. But for me, as a head of the institution, the support for my coworkers, their families and relatives, our friends, remains important. 


My family is now also in the status of refugees as they escaped shelling in Kyiv moving to Lviv. 


So I take responsibility for the distribution of costs and all resources, and I am ready to report about them to everyone.   

I am sending this letter only to my friends, colleagues, partners of the museum, and I am kindly asking you to share it only among reliable people for security reasons.  


And finally, I’d love to underline that all passwords from the museum’s online stock will be also given to our museum coworker Olha Mukha who stays in London in safety and who will have access to the materials, no matter what happens to all of us in Ukraine.   


I would appreciate your help, I believe in Ukraine and our victory!


Director of the museum, Olha Honchar


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