On May 18, as part of the program of the International Day of Museums in Lviv, together with our partners from the Luhansk Regional Museum of Local History, we talked about how the life of two cultural institutions has changed since the beginning of the full-scale war. The directors of both museums shared stories about new challenges and talked about their common plans for the future.

During the meeting, we discussed everyday work routines and a question of “anti-war management”, the work with our partners to strengthen museums. We talked about the evacuation of the Luhansk Museum of Local History from Starobilsk to Lviv and about the new collection of artifacts, the so-called “Victory Collection”.

Also during the meeting, the directors talked about the concept of the Museum Crisis Center, which became an example of solidarity and cooperation in the museum business, because in a short time Lviv-Starobilsk grew from one phone call into a large international project with the participation of more than 72 museums.


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