The museum in the smartphone: the project of digitization and creation of a virtual tour of the “Territory of Terror” museum is ongoing

As part of the cooperation of the “Territory of Terror” Museum with our partners – Skeiron, we managed to digitize our exposition, part of the funds and develop a virtual tour of the Museum. All this became possible thanks to the support of the Museum Berlin-Karlshorst and the NGO “New Museum”, as part of the project “Ensuring the preservation of documents and archival funds of Ukrainian partner institutions of the Network of Assistance to Survivors of National Socialist Persecution”, financed by the German federal government. We are also grateful to the Network of Memory project – Netzwerk erinnerung for helping us realize our idea.


Work on digitizing the most valuable exhibits of our collection lasted several months. Skeiron specialists scanned and recreated 50 Museum exhibits in detail in 3D format. Among them, there are many valuable historical artifacts with a difficult history.


Among them, in particular, is a crystal salad bowl donated to the Museum by Marta Blagitko, which she received from her mother Anna. This exhibit has a tragic story: Anna Blagitko received it from a Jewish woman during the Nazi occupation in exchange for bread for a child.


In addition, the bandura of public figure and OUN activist Ivan Sirskyi, which he made himself. A tea set made between 1919 and 1938 at the Steinmann Schlesische Porzellanenfabrik – porcelain factory in Tiefenfurt (modern Parowa, Poland) and other valuable exhibits.


“This is just a part of the exhibits that have received a new life in a virtual format. This project is important for our Museum, because it allows us to preserve the historical and cultural heritage from possible threats caused by the war unleashed by Russia. There are many cases of destruction of Ukrainian museums by the Russians, damage to exhibits, looting and removal to the territory of the Russian Federation,” said Olha Honchar, director of the Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes.


The virtual 3D tour will allow anyone who wants to visit our Museum in any part of the world and get acquainted with the exposition, which, unfortunately, is currently partially preserved, and therefore not fully accessible due to the war. It will be available in Ukrainian and English. Soon, all interested parties will be able to familiarize themselves with the results of the project on our website: