Колекція радянського монументального мистецтва

The Soviet monumental art collection is a separate exhibition featuring monuments, stained-glass artwork, mosaics whose historical, symbolic, and/or artistic dimension is a subject of discussion about the Soviet experience of Ukraine. The collection integrates examples of visual art as a form of Soviet memorialization and propaganda in public space.

The Museum collected most of the objects during 2019. The gradual filling up of the museum complex with monuments enabled to form the exhibition and to study each object.

You are kindly invited to look at various aspects related to the history of the objects’ creation and their creators’ biographies. This is the way of getting a critical insight into the Soviet monumental art.

In the life journeys of the monuments’ authors (Theodosia Bryzh, Yaroslav Motyka) and the memorialized (Vasyl Peresada, Yurii Velykanovych) one can trace a different side of the Soviet reality, i.e. the history of mass violence in the fates of certain individuals and their families.